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Posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

as a buyer, i spend almost every day planning things to the most minute detail so, when i travel, i rarely like to make plans. it's quite an escape! one time, i traveled to costa rica and made absolutely none at all, as in, i didn't even know what city i was going to after i landed in san jose. it worked out wonderfully. most of the time though, i just prefer to make minimal plans and live like a local by renting an apartment as opposed to a hotel. it's cost effective, you have things at your finger tips like a kitchen full of appliances (i like to cook), and usually comes with a great host to give you a list of their favorite bars and restaurants in the area. you can be as brave (renting a single room) or not (an entire apartment) as you want. 

p and i are renting this lovely apartment in chicago next month! this looked fun too.

we stayed here in vienna

and i stayed here in austin

have you ever rented an apartment somewhere? would love to have links to your favorites!
also curious, have you ever listed your space? i'm thinking about listing mine, although every place i've rented has been void of personal belongings and i think i personally prefer it that way. what are your thoughts? the underwear drawer, shoes, that junk drawer you hope no one ever sees...  


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