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Posted on: Monday, June 17, 2013

imitation is the sweetest form of flattery? everyone is talking about brian lichtenberg right now. i got an e-mail from my roommate, katie, (yes, we work together and e-mail each other from remote offices) a couple of weeks ago titled "things you could pull off and probably need to" containing a link to brian lichtenbergs collection on net-a-porter. this probably stemming from the "RAD" prada logo tee i've been sporting from unif after i saw my boss wearing one.

all of a sudden they are everywhere. a playful take on high end fashion house logos like prada, hermès, comme des garcons, céline, etc.

reminds me of katie and i's money-idea years back in which we design high-end stripper wear (come on, we live in vegas) branded "haute cooter" with collections deriving from houses like gucci (what rhyms with gucci) and well, they get worse.

i am just trying to figure out how to wear a sweatshirt in 110 degree temperatures. 


speaking of shit everyone's wearing, check out this hilarious, hand-drawn blog  'shit bloggers wear.' charlotte olympia 'kitty flats' yes, please.

ps. my cat, lord montgomery, is at the kitty vet today:( he got real sick last night and now i can't afford to eat. sort of.


  1. hey i love your blog! i actually read it..something i never do hahah good job!


  2. haha that feline meow shirt is something I need in my closet asap

    Do you mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback! xx


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