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Posted on: Monday, July 15, 2013

iiiii've got feeling we will never get sick of this
iiiii can't imagine there's a better song to listen to than this

well, today anyways because i am going on day 3 of under-the-weatherness and it's monday which as we all know is like, totally, already the worst day of the week.

i'm not sure whether i should admit this or not but, i definitely watched the entire first season of heart of dixie in bed this weekend. it's really hard to pass up anything with summer roberts rachel bilson in it because she's just so stinkin' cute. new york city gal thrown into a swampland full of manipulative southern belles? i'll take it.

although summer roberts rachel bilson, will always be perfect i have to admit i am secretly in lust with lemon breeland's look. i wanted to write the costume designer a hand written thank you letter when i saw she put sweet lemonade in pants one episode!! 

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the classic cliche: blonde vs brunette
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