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Posted on: Monday, August 12, 2013

a leather jacket is a no-brainer investment piece. you can almost wear it year-round by simply draping it over the shoulders in the warmer months or by layering in the cooler months. my leather jacket was stolen years ago and i never got around to replacing it but i think i'm ready now. for me, a leather jacket is something you can't get stingy with. i personally can't stand the hand or the smell of polyurethane (faux leather) so even though this h&m moto jacket is spot on, it's not for me. i don't have a thousand dollars to spend, but at the risk of sounding crazy, once i pass the 250$ mark, i'd rather go the extra mile to get exactly what i want than to waste money on something that doesn't end the chase for me.

i've narrowed down a few strong contestants here. which do you like best?
2. veda for madewell
3. muubaa
6. muubaa


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