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Posted on: Sunday, September 1, 2013

i found myself reading an essay today on the satisfaction one gets from doing something meaningless. that is, by doing it we don't expect to be paid, recognized, or to live longer necessarily, we just find satisfaction in it. i was having a conversation with p last week, after a day more stressful than usual (like a 6 on the richter scale) and, he told me to do something for myself that didn't involve working out or working or going out or any combination of those words. he said, "just do something for yourself that you like doing and let your mind wander." i sometimes go through stages where i like to paint and i haven't found myself in one for quite a while. by simply focusing on my brushstrokes or the mixing of colors, i allow my mind to wander in other places and whether i finish or not, the outcome of the painting is never important rather, the peace i find while doing it.

i'm pretty sure i know why i have nipples, but this author is a man so i guess i see his point. the fact of the matter is that it really is the simple pleasures in life that get us through, isn't it?

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