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Posted on: Sunday, September 1, 2013

last week took me to montreal for a quick brand meeting. it wasn't my first time in the region, but it was the first time i didn't think my nipples were going to fall off due to frost bite. Also, it was my first time in the beautiful city of montreal.
i. loved. everything. about. it.

especially, my lovely stay at the hotel st. paul.

i had two excellent meals and snacked on the phenomenon that is montreal-style bagels, non?

1. casual dinner at holder. bustling with francophones enjoying wine and pâté.
2. incredible tapas style dinner at le filet. this was an amazing experience that requires a 4th meal!!! GO.

aldo's headquarters are absolutely stunning and the people are lovely inside and out.
i cannot wait to return. perhaps i will have the opportunity to explore a couple of thrillists hilarious recs?

ps. had to sneak my new birkenstocks in there!! they finally arrived from germany.


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