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Posted on: Saturday, January 25, 2014

happy weekend kittens! i have absolutely no plans to do anything and i am okay with that. this is a busy work season for me with meetings in new york, vegas, montreal, london, madrid, and milan (some fun too!) so i'm focusing on health and organization in my time off. i'll leave you with some random internet findings:

tartan obsession: see my favorite looks here 

her: those pants you thought were weird, but kind of liked are available to purchase x opening ceremony

a girlfriend of mine was proposed to in the cutest way!

a DIY face scrub made from two ingredients everyone has

the best game to play with friends (add outside-day-drinking and it's even better)

really funny and free video e-cards to send your friends
i sent patrick this one yesterday. he and the band are meeting with a big producer this weekend.

i'm really obsessed with vintage olga nightgowns right now

and this hat 

mother takes the most magical photographs of her two kids on their farm

p's band played at a beautiful italian wedding and the photos are surreal 


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