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Posted on: Saturday, February 1, 2014

ever since the company i work for moved out of our small, but sunny, 7th floor office space and into a much larger, more beautiful office with NO NATURAL LIGHT i have noticed my mood changing. i feel irritated more often, find myself feeling tired at the end of the day, and anti-social on weekends. 

today, i read an article about how the scandinavians use light boxes to combat SAD (seasonal depression disorder) and i realized i haven't been getting much vitamin d. evidently the "winter blues" are a real thing, and i have a suspicion that may be what i have been feeling lately. even though las vegas is sunny almost every day, i have been hiding away in the office from morning tip night. so, i'm going to give myself a little challenge next week (this week i will be in new york). i am going to take a 20 minute walk around our little downtown neighborhood every afternoon and i am going to document my feelings afterwards.

in the meanwhile, you can read about light boxes and winter blues here.


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