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Posted on: Sunday, June 2, 2013

really missing p tonight because i had to take him to the airport today. he's somewhere over the sea right now en route to austria. i'm thanking the stars that i was able to spend almost a whole month with him! the toughest part after saying good-bye is knowing that nothing else about my life changes. it's the same old routine i go back to, just without him. there's this strange feeling that lingers as i go about my day. for instance, after i dropped p off at the airport today i met up with a friend, went to the office and printed out reports, ate my dinner alone, and packed for my 7am flight to new york. only, it was so weird having no one to talk to or hold hands with when i walked to my car. or to watch old scrubs episodes with before bed. at least i have his music to listen to when he's not here. it's so nice to hear his voice.

on a positive note, i'm very excited for new york this week! it's the perfect place to escape to, and not to mention to escape from the heat we're already having in las vegas!!


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